Mowing, mowing, mowing! We love mowing and we are in the thick of it! With the rain and warm temps we have had the grass is going crazy! If you need help give us a call. Our mowing crews are out in full force and can help make your yard look beautiful! We love cutting…
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Turn your property into a park!

ark If you are looking to improve an area of your property give us a call! One of our favorite projects is turning a forest into a park! This creates a unique area of your property for you to relax and unwind. It also is a great place to entertain! During the summer months when…
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Land clearing at its best!

Is your land overgrown and you have no idea what to do? Give us a call! We have the knowledge, skill and specialized equipment to improve your land and make it manageable! Whether its traditional land clearing, bushhogging or forestry mulching we can help! So sit back and relax! Let us do the work! Call…
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  • A nice evening in central Virginia for some bushhogging with
  • Time for summe Saturday fun in a CAT 313!
  • Our CAT 305e2 doing some last minute erosion control measures
  • Rainy day fun! New side steps on the F550!
  • Somebody is having a bad day!
  • Sunday Funday!      cartermachinery cartercat builtforit
  • When its too wet for the tractor we use the
  • Another CAT on the move!     builtforit