We use all Stihl professional grade lawn care products- April 16, 2014

Stihl Professional Grade products are designed to get the job done! Period! Their products, from the chainsaws to the lawn care products, are tried and true! They run efficient and strong keeping us working and getting your job done. They have a tight network of dealers that have proven themselves. They don't sell to the…
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Healthy Forests- April 1, 2014

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS Forests safegaurd the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the wildlife we love.  Forests: Prevent Soil Erosion. Forests anchor the ground and intercept water from rainfall and snow, storing it and releasing it slowly. Reduced soil erosion also protects farms, and population centers from avalanches and downstream flooding. Protect Water Quality.  Twenty-five…
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Drought Tips for your lawn- February 21, 2014

Drought conditions can be a killer for your grass, garden, and trees. So how do you combat nature's heat waves and keep your landscape strong and healthy? STIHL brings you some tips and strategies for helping your home's ecosystem stay strong through the harshness of drought. Trees   Your trees should get your primary attention.…
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  • Its starting to get crispy in Virginia but our lawn
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  • Somebody is about to have a bad day! Fyi not
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