Brush Removal

Brush removal or thinning out of the forest floor is an alternative to forestry mulching when you may just need a small section of your land maintained or cleaned up. Brush removal is an important element to any property because when the undergrowth is not maintained the large amount of invasive species that thrive in Central Virginia can take over quickly creating unsightly messes that are expensive and time consuming to remove.

When the need for our forestry mulching machine is overkill we use Stihl Professional products to get the job done. This makes us fast and efficient on the light and smaller thinning and maintenance jobs. We evaluate every job for the solution and sometimes the hands are the best options. It takes considerably more time per acre than the forestry mulching, but it can more cost-effective of brush removal for smaller areas where the cutting needs to be highly selective. Call us today to improve the look and health of your property! 434.242.5878


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