Snow Removal

Piedmont Land Management meets all of your snow removal and snow-plowing needs. Having grown up in Vermont and lived in the Rockies we know all about moving snow. Having multiple trucks, tractors and skid loaders we are set up to take care of your snow removal issues. Using top-of-the-line equipment, whether its a driveway or a parking lot we will make sure all is clean and safe when the storms hit!

We won’t stop until we see asphalt!

1759When you are hunkered down as the snow is falling, we are outside in the elements pushing snow and loving it! We have the knowledge and equipment to take the stress a storm can cause you or your business so just relax and let us take care of the snow!



  • A nice evening in central Virginia for some bushhogging with
  • Time for summe Saturday fun in a CAT 313!
  • Our CAT 305e2 doing some last minute erosion control measures
  • Rainy day fun! New side steps on the F550!
  • Somebody is having a bad day!
  • Sunday Funday!      cartermachinery cartercat builtforit
  • When its too wet for the tractor we use the
  • Another CAT on the move!     builtforit