Piedmont Land Management is a forestry mulching and land management company specializing in large estates in Albemarle and the surrounding area. We are a Virginia Class A licensed contractor that loves what we do. The need for Piedmont Land Management became apparent after owner, Luke Omand, managed “Lost Brook Farm” in Vermont for a high profile client for years. When he took over the land was in disrepair and its potential was hidden behind a wall of brush and overgrowth. Luke laid out a plan and methodically elevated the property from a house on a mountain to a true estate. Every time someone visited, they commented on how amazing the estate looked.

When Luke moved to Albemarle County and started meeting people here, it appeared the same service was needed in Virginia. Amazing properties abound in Central Virginia that look great, but could be spectacular with some extra attention to detail. While many of these properties have “farm managers” few are equipped to handle the scale of work necessary to elevate the land and fewer still have the skill set required to do so. The majority of the time, the staff cannot keep up with ordinary maintenance let alone the time required to adopt the vision and logistics required to make an estate amazing. Over time, small amounts of neglect allow nature to slowly creep its way back to taking over the land which is an area we specialize in.

Having a love for operating heavy equipment and a love of land he paired the two together with the Forestry Mulching service. You can take a highly adaptable machine that compact and powerful and clear land and brush in an efficient and environmentally friendly manor. We are company that is designed and built to take the stress out of owning a large estate, farm or tract of land. We have the insight and knowledge to build, maintain and enhance a top-notch property. Call us today and we can discuss how to achieve the dreams for your home!

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We own a parcel of property in Albemarle County, VA. For quite some time I had been looking for someone to manage the property and give it much needed attention, it was showing that other than producing hay, not much else had been done to this great piece of property…

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