We own a parcel of property in Albemarle County, VA. For quite some time I had been looking for someone to manage the property and give it the attention it was showing was needed. Other than producing hay, not much else had been done to this great piece of property. I had known Luke Omand for over a year before we discussed having him clean up a fence line that ran along a road. When he was finished with his work I was amazed at the initiative he took to make this stretch of tree line look so much better.

Luke is a hard worker, he has the ability to create a vision of what would look best for a project and then go do it. Beyond that I trust Luke, I know our property is in good hands and each time he completes another project it makes us feel more compelled to move to the land to enjoy what has been done. He is knowledgeable, hard working and trustworthy. What more could I possibly want from someone who is turning our land into a fulfillment of a dream.

Rob and Suzanne Jessup Brooks, Charlottesville, VA


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