Forestry mulching and land clearing!… the environmentally friendly way!

What’s better than one? 2 of course! We have two CAT 299d xhp forestry mulchers! We have the most specialized set up in Central Virginia to help you with your forestry mulching needs! We also have a forestry mulcher for our mini excavator to help maintain creeks beds and steep slopes! When it comes to land clearing or improving your property give us a call to turn your vision into a reality!


  • Cleaning up a building lot in Keswick Estates so a
  • Dropping in some culverts to help with water management on
  • Swipe right! Another backyard expansion cleanup project with our CAT
  • Using our CAT 305e2 mini excavator to cleanup overgrowth on
  • The CAT D5 dozer cleaning up some logging cutover edges
  • Augering some holes for a new dock with the CAT
  • The neverending job of maintenance! Cleaning up the CAT 299d